MK Boaz Bismuth (Likud) spoke with Arutz Sheva-Israel National News from the Knesset about his upcoming trip to New York to participate in the Celebrate Israel Parade on Sunday.

"I fly to the US as a proud Israeli. I'm very proud of who I am, I'm very proud of being an Israeli, and an Israeli member of parliament. It is true that I'm flying to America when my country has a big challenge of winning the war," says Bismuth.

He describes the various challenges that Israel is facing: "We have a big challenge, which is not only the fighting in Gaza, it's a diplomatic challenge, it's an economic challenge, it's a judicial challenge, it's a communications challenge. October 7th didn't occur a hundred years ago, it only happened about half a year ago, yet we're presented as the aggressors. But we were aggressed."

However, he notes: "We are also winners, and I'm flying to America as a proud Israeli, as a member of parliament that has an amazing army behind it, as a great nation, as winners."

Bismuth answers those who blame the government and claim that the war is a failure and refuses to use the word "failure": "I don't want to hear the word failure because we don't have the luxury of failing, we can not fail. Do you know why? because in this part of the world, if we fail, we won't exist. Other countries can fail and still survive; if we fail, we're dead. Ever since our first war in 1948, 56', 67', and 73', we can not allow ourselves to fail. Yet, it's slow. I must admit, we're used to shorter wars, even in the war in 1973 took 19 days, and we won against a few armies."

According to MK Bismuth, the current war against Hamas is different from Israel's early wars. "Here, you're fighting against terrorist groups that don't follow the law. We respect international law, we respect lives, lives of even our enemies. Not terrorists, because they're not supposed to live, I'm talking about civilians. We do not want any civilian casualties." He adds that another thing slowing down the war is the hostages. With this, he assures that Israel will win the war. "We don't have the luxury not to win it."

The MK points to something that could help Israel progress in the war: "First thing is unity, we have to be united. I haven't seen any nation, especially Israel, that can win a war if it's not united. I'm very sad to see in the parliament, how many political issues or wars have come back too soon, and this is very dangerous."

He says that there is a balance that they need to keep, "On the one hand we want to satisfy the world. We have friends over there, we don't want to embarrass them, satisfy them, we respect international law, we respect humanitarian law, we respect the judiciary system, we respect the International Court of Justice, everything. But on the other hand, our enemies see this as a weakness. This is the big challenge: how do I satisfy my friends on the one hand, and defeat my enemies on the other? If you ask me, defeating my enemies is the main priority, we have to win the war.

Bismuth notes that "respecting international and humanitarian law is so easy for us. We don't do it to satisfy our friends in the West. Do you know why we respect humanitarian law? Do you know why we respect lives, including the lives of Palestinians in Gaza? Because I'm Israel."