Gan Ner
Gan NerNaftali Higler

Only hours after terrorists fired shots at Bat Hefer, shots were fired on Wednesday at the town of Gan Ner in the Gilboa region of northern Israel for the fourth time in a week.

An IDF force and the town's security team have begun searching for the terrorists. Casualties were reported as a result of the attack.

Yaniv Ben-Shimol, the security coordinator of Gan Ner and a member of the National Organization of Security Coordinators, commented furiously: "(Defense Minister) Gallant is abandoning the residents of Israel. When we screamed that the writing was on the wall everyone ignored us. The residents of Gan Ner and the Gilboa region have become cannon fodder.

"As long as they won't regulate the status of the security coordinators and all of the security personnel, we will continue seeing millions of Israeli citizens living in terror. It's time Minister Gallant wakes up before people die for no reason. The day when Israeli citizens will die from 'innocent' gunfire is closer than ever."

At the same time, IDF soldiers continue to search for three terrorists who fired at Bat Hefer, a town east of Netanya. The shooting did not cause any casualties, but there was property damage.

The terrorists drove by car to the hill adjacent to the village, wearing green ribbons on their heads, like the Nukhba terrorists in the October 7th massacre.

Of late, residents have reported gunshots and attempts to infiltrate the town by Arabs in the area.