Nukhba terrorists in prison
Nukhba terrorists in prisonIPS

Tamar, a reservist who was recruited into the military police and was assigned to guard imprisoned terrorists from the Hamas Nukhba force, spoke about the difficulties faced by female guards in this position and the neglect of the military establishment in an interview with Kan Reshet Bet.

"Girls are forced to harm themselves to get out of the job. I saw marks on the body that girls made to get out of the job," Tamar said.

Tamar originally served as a commander for new immigrants just starting their IDF service in the Education and Youth Corps and was not in a combat position. But when she received order 8, she realized that she would be assigned to guard the terrorists from the Nukhba force who carried out the massacre on October 7.

"I have friends who were murdered at the Nova music festival, one friend who miraculously survived and I told myself there is no way I am going to look their killers in the eyes," she said.

After realizing that she would be recruited to guard the Nukhba terrorists, she contacted the reserve center where she was told by the representative: "I understand, but I'm sorry, as long as you don't have an official document you are obligated to come."

Tamar has a document showing that the National Insurance Institute recognizes her as having a mental disability with a document from a psychiatrist: "This document confirms that this assignment will only worsen my situation. They called and said that I am obligated to come to the interview and if I want to, I will say over these things."

"I arrived and in the interview, I told her all my background, I brought records of the documents and yesterday evening I was assigned. Someone from the unit called me and I asked her - are you really recruiting me? I have a certificate from a psychiatrist that I cannot do this position. She told me 'I'm sorry, you can send me the forms now, but I don't know if it will help," she said.

She explained that there is a prisoner who is one of the Nukhba force terrorists "and he actually manages the terrorists and all the messages go through him. We have to bring them food through a door that closes, there is a certain compartment and I look at him in the eyes and say to him, 'Here is the terrorists' food.' I take the food and I close the door and leave."

"For a girl like me, whose friend could have been murdered by him, they tell me, 'You look him in the eyes.'

"I am ready to do any role in the reserves, but don't force me to deal with the murderers of my friends. I feel that there is going to be a disaster here, it is important for me to save as many as possible. It feels like my life's mission at the moment. I told them,'Did you learn nothing from the prison pimping affair?' I feel that someone is disconnected from the soldiers and says here are the personnel, let's throw them away."