Face Swap is one of the rising technologies in the world today. Many content creators and video editors are using this technology to swap original faces from the videos and photos and replace them with the help of AI. If you’re interested in doing the same for your upcoming content and wondering which one to choose from several tools available online, this guide will help.

FaceMod is an online Face Swap AI tool that has become an industry standard today. You can use its innovative AI technology to replace existing faces from your content with more refined and realistic ones. We will share all the relevant steps and information below. Stay tuned for more!

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Part 1. What is Face Swap?

Face Swap allows you to change faces in photos and videos. Consider snapping a photo with a buddy and then magically switching faces to seem alike! This works for celebrities, pets, even cartoons.

Here's how it works: Specialized computer programs use artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize faces. Then comes analyzing the features of both faces, like eyes, nose, and mouth, and swapping them while keeping everything else the same.

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Part 2. What to Look for When Finding a Reliable AI-Powered Face Swap Online Tool?

When searching for a reliable AI-powered face swap online tool, there are several key aspects to consider. These factors ensure a seamless experience for swapping faces, whether it's for videos or audio content:

  • Advanced AI Technology – Look for a tool that boasts cutting-edge AI technology. This ensures accurate face detection, alignment, and blending.
  • Compatibility with Video and Audio – Not all face swap tools support both video and audio content. Ensure the tool you choose can handle both, especially if you plan to swap faces in videos or clips with accompanying sound.
  • Quality and Customization Options – Look for resizing, positioning, and blending options for switched faces. This customization lets you customize results.

Part 3. FaceMod | The Best Face Swap Online Tool

FaceMod is a leading AI-powered online face changing tool for movies and images. Fun and creative projects are easy with over 1000 designs, including 90s trends. FaceMod is simple: upload a video or picture, choose a template, and let the AI work.

You can choose from one-click options for quick swaps or customize templates to fit your style. The best part? It's ad-free and ensures your privacy and security. Although you're making hilarious social media videos or transforming into your favorite characters, FaceMod makes face swapping a breeze!

Key Features of FaceMod

Here’re some of the key features of FaceMod AI Face Swap tool:

  1. Face Swap VideoWith FaceMod, swapping faces in videos is a breeze. Use its cutting-edge AI engine to replace faces in video clips seamlessly.
  2. Face Swap PhotoChoose photos with FaceMod's face swap photo feature. Upload your picture, choose a template, and let AI do its thing.
  3. AI Anime Explore anime with FaceMod's AI anime function. Turn yourself or others into realistic anime characters. Choose from several anime-inspired templates to experiment with various styles and create entertaining anime portraits.
  4. AI PortraitCreate stunning AI portraits with FaceMod. Advanced AI technology enhances portraits for professional results. FaceMod's AI portrait function lets you repair or apply creative effects to your photos.

Part 4. How to Use the Best Face Swap Online Tool to Face Swap Video & Photo

Now that we know how FaceMod works and what key features it has to offer, here is a step-by-step guide on both video and photo face swaps:

Use FaceMod to Face Swap for Videos

There are two ways to face swap video in FaceMod. Let’s explore!

Using the Face Swap Section

Step 1. Click the "Get Started Now" button on the FaceMod home page, then choose the "Upload" option to upload your private video.

Step 2. Once your private video has been uploaded, drag the timeline to measure the duration of the movie for face swapping, then click "Next" to proceed.

Step 3. Now, use the samples that are offered in the bottom-right corner of the window to choose the appropriate face to swap with. Additionally, you can submit your face using the "My Face" option. Once a face has been chosen, click "Swap" to complete the action.

Step 4. After the clip is swapped, you'll see a new window and need to click the "Download" button to save it to your PC.

Tip: In the initial window, you can choose to remove the downloaded video by clicking "Manage".

Face Swap Using FaceMod AI Video Generator

Step 1. The "AI Tools" tab at the top is another place to check for the video face-swapping feature. To access the new editing window, choose "AI Video Generator > "Generate Video Now."

Step 2. To upload the video, choose "Upload Video" once you are in the AI Video Generator tool.

Step 3. While uploading your movie, use the choices in the bottom-right column to choose a suitable face. Additionally, you can upload your own face using the "My face" option. Continue clicking "Swap" to start the procedure after choosing a face.

Step 4. To save the movie to your device, look for the "Download" icon in the upper right corner when the face swap is complete.

Use FaceMod to Face Swap for Photos

Like videos, there are two methods to face swap image in FaceMod.

Accessing the Face Swap Section

Step 1. When you get to the main FaceMod website, click the "Get Started Now" button, and pick the "Upload" option to upload your private image.

Step 2. Look for the appropriate face to swap with from the examples offered in the bottom-right portion of the window. You can also upload your face using the "My Face" option.

Step 3. Once the image has been swapped, you will be sent to another window where you must click the "Download" option to store it on your computer.

Step 4: Click "Manage" to delete the downloaded video if you want.

Accessing the AI Image Generator

Step 1. Start by clicking “More AI Tools" or go to "AI Tools > AI Image Generator". When the AI Image Generator page loads, click the "Generate Image Now" button to access the primary editing interface.

Step 2. To upload a picture for face swapping, use the AI picture Generator tool and click "Upload Photo".

Step 3. After uploading a picture, choose a face from the choices on the bottom right or create your own face. Continue to click "Swap" to begin the procedure.

Step 4. Within a few seconds, the face in the photograph changes. After reading the findings, click "Download" to save them to your PC.


We hope you now know how to Face Swap in photos and videos both. With the help of a dedicated tool like FaceMod, you can easily swap faces from the content you are trying to edit. Make sure to implement all the mentioned steps properly when doing so.