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Adina KutnickiINN:AK

As fully evidenced within,“The UN Presents: How to Mourn a Butcher #1077″, it is highly advised to pay rapt attention. Listen and learn –

So, upon the blessed news of the long-awaited demise of President Ebrahim Raisi, May 19, 2024, the “Chief Iranian Butcher” (alongside his henchmen), reactions, as always, varied. It goes without saying, the majority of Israelis popped open champagne, with L’Chaim’s all around! Even those who imbibe infrequently toasted, too. This writer included.
But those who are truly celebrating, fireworks and all, are the beleagued Iranians who have lived under the boot and sword of their brutal/fiendish/killer leaders, since 1979!
As such, it is imperative to take an unbiased look-back and assess what transpired when the leadership of the free world not only ignored their desperate pleas, but aided and abetted in their slaughter. Indubitably, in the civilized world, it is one and the same – that is, whether an active participant, materially or otherwise, or a passive onlooker ignoring the bloody carnage. Catastrophic.

All of which brings us back, full circle, to many moons ago – at least, in the time frame of countless ADD-afflicted westerners – when Hussein Obama, was immersed, as usual, in perpetual campaign mode and golf jaunts, all the while Iranian freedom fighters were slaughtered in their streets, in 2009!

True to his anti-western roots and Islamist bonafides, the then leader of the heretofore free world ignored their pleas, as Iranians begged for assistance to remove the vicious boot of the mullahs via the so called “twitter revolution“.
Inexorably, to Obama's (with assorted malfeasants, elected and non-elected) eternal national disgrace and shame -aptly described within the above Washington Times Editorial – it couldn’t be any starker.
As night follows day, then, as now, the Islamist-in-Chief (as he puppeteers the beyond-addled President Biden) has zero interest in freeing the Mid East from the sword of Islam, Sunni and Shia. To the contrary.
Obama Domino Game
Obama Domino GameMark Langfan: INN
More specifically, recall his warm embrace of the (Sunni) “Muslim Brotherhood Mafia”, as he agitated (also threatened Egypt’s military) for Morsi’s Mafia to be set free, even though Egypt’s military had evidence of treason against them. Prima facie proofs, no less.
Most significantly, think about what this means in terms of which side America aligns and sides with; as Iranian freedom fighters, in 2009, witnessed the horrific slaughters, as well as the incessant geo-political blow back, the knock-on effects. Besides, each and every so-called U.S. intervention (“leading from behind”, or full frontal) ends in further disaster and chaos, both for the west and towards regional players seeking freedom.
Effectively, until the dictates of the CIA-run “Shadow Government“, in tandem with the “Deep State Mafia” – whose tentacled arms execute their “One World Government” designs – are overturned, well, no one will be safe.
Truth dare to be told, if the west, once again, abandons the desperate pleas from Iranians seeking the basic human right to liberty and freedom, well, no one should be shocked, shocked when their streets are littered with the devilish, explosive handiwork of the genocidal mullahs – be it through one proxy pawn or another, Shia or Sunni.
Conclusively, all of the above would be moot points, but for the worldwide dangers inherent within totalitarian rule emanating from political-theo Islam, as well as via their red (communist/Marxist/socialist) counterparts and co-conspirators.
Alas, aren’t the following clarion call(s) enough to wake up countless from their slumbers/stupors, warning: The fall/collapse of Western Civilizationis nigh. on the precipice?