CounterdemonstrationCourtesy of the photgrapher

The town of Monsey in Rockland County, New York is no stranger to stormy demonstrations with a political affiliation. However, yesterday, a small demonstration of the Neturei Karta extremist faction was held against Israel outside the Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim, as Yehuda Alon, a shemitta farmer and IDF veteran, provided a first-hand account of the October 7 atrocities by Hamas on October 7.

In addition, a discussion on, " the silent war that is threatening the existence of Israel as we know it", according to the organizers, started up there.

Yeshiva World News reported that the small, vocal group encountered, to their dismay, a large counterdemonstration of many local residents and others who came to protest against the “evil baby-killer-kissers protesting in their own community.”

As time went on, the counterdemonstration grew until the regional police had to recruit police officers from several stations in the town to intervene between the parties and ensure public order.