Rabbi Meir Peretz with the mezuzah
Rabbi Meir Peretz with the mezuzahCourtesy of the photgrapher

Scribes (sofer stam) write all mezuzot, tefillin, Torah scrolls, and scrolls of Esther, at an average accepted size.

But Rabbi Meir Peretz from Ashdod, a certified Sofer of the Mishmeret Stam Institute, received a request that he did not expect.

He was asked to write a 56-centimeter (22 inches) mezuzah. "I was very excited. I have never written such a large mezuzah and I accepted this project."

For the sake of comparison, this mezuzah is a third of the size of an average person. Rabbi Peretz added "It was a very complex task, but in the end I'm glad I wrote it."

He added that: "The price of the mezuzah is NIS 1500. The client agreed and I immediately started writing it with great enthusiasm."