The man who appeared in the video while masked, wearing a military uniform and holding a weapon, calling on the political echelon to intensity the fighting in Gaza, was identified as Ofir Luzon from Herzliya

In the video, Luzon said: "We, reservists do not intend to hand over the keys to any Palestinian Authority. We do not intend to hand over the keys of Gaza to any entity of Hamas, Fatah or any other Arab entity. Prime Minister, the reservists are behind you. We will stay here until the end, until we achieve victory.”

Luzon also addressed Minister Gallant: "You cannot win a war. Resign – you cannot win the war and continue to command over us. I am informing you, Mr. Gallant – if we do not go for victory, 100,000 reservists will remain on the fence. We will not move from the fence."

"We will call on the residents of the State of Israel to come to Gaza and while we ensure their security, we will listen to one leader - neither the Minister of Defense nor the Chief of Staff. This is the Prime Minister," he concluded.

The IDF has decided to terminate Luzon's reserve duty service just hours after he was released from an IDF investigation under restrictive conditions.

According to initial suspicions, it appears that he filmed the video in a makeshift, abandoned building in the center of the country, and not in Gaza.

The Military Police, investigating the incident, have attributes to him offenses of rebellion, incitement to disobedience, disobeying orders, and inappropriate behavior.

His defense attorney sent a letter to the Ministry of Defense, in which he claimed that "my client’s only claim is that he will not listen to any future orders given by the Minister of Defense in violation of his authority (during a dispute with the Prime Minister and contrary to a government decision), while emphasizing and positively clarifying that he will obey an order given by the government itself and the standing at its head".

He added that "this is selective enforcement – for more than a year, reservists have uploaded a vast number of videos to social networks about their intentions to refuse army orders, and the law enforcement system has never taken such measures."