Gila Miriam Ghermiza
Gila Miriam GhermizaCourtesy of the family

Gila Miriam Ghermiza, an Israeli woman with ALS has experienced a rapid decline in her health. With no cure for ALS, her husband and children watch her dying a little every day. Currently, she is unable to breathe on her own and relies on a breathing machine 24/7 to stay alive.

ALS is a rare disease, affecting only 4 people out of every 100,000. Those who suffer from it end up completely paralyzed. Although Gila Miriam cannot use her mouth to speak, she can communicate with her eyes and has functioned as a mother for the past 8 years. Friends who watched her interacting with her children were moved to tears at the open love and dedication that her children show her.

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Recently, her story has taken a life-threatening twist: Gila Miriam can no longer afford the very oxygen she breathes. At $10,000 per month, for 8 years the family valiantly paid for the ventilator out of their own pockets. When their funds ran out, they opted to live in poverty and continue paying to keep their mother alive. However, the family has now reached a state of desperation, as they face the next month's bill with no feasible way to pay.

Their only option left to keep the ventilator running is to turn to the public. In a letter Gila Miriam painstakingly dictated to the public, she writes, “We’re short of the $10,000 needed for next month's treatment, and we need to raise it over the next few days. I’m begging you to think about my 9 children who need me. For their sake, please keep the oxygen pumping in my body.”

The next few days are critical to keep Gila Miriam alive.

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