Two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were intercepted near midnight on Monday over the city of Eilat, after sirens warning of the infiltration of a hostile aircraft were sounded in the area.

The Eilat municipality stated that "following the alerts that were activated in the city, the two suspicious targets made their way towards Eilat and were successfully intercepted over the bay."

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said, “Following the sirens that sounded a short while ago in the Eilat area, an IAF fighter jet, together with the IDF Aerial Defense Array, successfully intercepted two hostile aircraft that approached Israeli territory from the east, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said.”

It added that no injuries were reported and the aircraft did not enter Israeli territory.

Following the interceptions, the pro-Iranian militias in Iraq claimed to have launched drones towards Eilat.

Earlier this month, a suspicious target was destroyed in the area of the Gulf of Eilat.

The Home Front Command said that the target was destroyed outside the city limits and there was no danger to local residents.

Monday’s incident came about an hour and a half after the IDF Aerial Defense Array successfully intercepted a hostile UAV that crossed from Lebanese territory into the Western Galilee area.

Simultaneously, an additional hostile UAV crossed from Lebanese territory and fell in the area. The incident is under review, the IDF said.