soldiers in Rafah
soldiers in RafahIDF Spokesperson

An unusual exchange of fire occured this morning (Monday) between IDF forces and soldiers of the Egyptian army in the Rafah Crossing area. During the incident, an Egyptian soldier was killed and several others were injured. There were no casualties among the IDF forces.

Israeli officials stated that the incident began when an Egyptian soldier opened fire at IDF troops, who then returned fire.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit stated, "A few hours ago (Monday), a shooting incident occurred on the Egyptian border. The incident is under review and discussions are being held with the Egyptians."

The unusual event took place at the height of tensions between Israel and Egypt over the IDF's activity at the Rafah Crossing.

Last night it was reported that about 30 people were killed as a result of an IAF attack in the area where the displaced from Rafah had gathered. The IDF has confirmed that an airstrike took place but stated it was not in the humanitarian area. An investigation into the strike is underway.