“Mom, will we be okay?”

Frumy was serving the soup when her eyes met her son’s young, worried gaze.

“David, we will always be okay. We are always in G-d’s hands…You don’t have to worry, dear.”

Suddenly, a sharp knock at the door cut through the conversation. Frumy’s heart skipped a beat. She took a deep breath, steadying herself before peeking through the peephole, her mind racing with the possibility of facing the bank's warning in person.

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It wasn’t long ago when the Moskowitzes were living an average, happy life. But then came that fateful day- the day that Rabbi Moskowitz had a heart attack. He lost his income during the same time period, and the family has fallen behind on paying rent. Now, under the threat of immediate eviction from their home, the Moskowitzes are dealing daily with an unrelenting, mounting dread and fear.

On the verge of losing her home and shelter for children and with a husband recovering from a heart attack, Mrs. Moskowitz has opened a crowdfunding page where she pours her heart out. We all worry about our kids; the worry that this mother is going through screams from every desperate sentence. Please click here and help the Moskowitz family pay their rent when they need it the most.