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Tumor. illustrationצילום: ISTOCK

An Israeli one-year-old underwent complex surgery earlier this month to remove a ‘gargantuan’ tumor situated on her right kidney.

The growth was initially discovered four months ago by her mother who felt a mass in her daughter’s lower belly. An emergency room visit to a Jerusalem hospital revealed a total of four tumors on the baby’s kidneys, one of which was especially large.

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A course of recommended chemotherapy had no positive effect on the growths, and the baby was referred for surgery and continued treatment in an American hospital. While the family awaited treatment, the tumor continued to grow and eventually caused the abdomen to be distended and appear swollen.

The baby, whose name for prayer is Miriam Chana bat Sara, survived the surgery. The mass was measured and found to be over 4 inches (12 cm) across! The baby is still recovering from the surgery before further interventions can be attempted. She is currently conscious, and receiving oxygen support. Her family is currently raising funds to cover the costs associated with continuing treatment.

As the father, Yona Bar, writes, “The road to complete recovery is far from over, though. Miriam Chana still needs many, many treatments to save her life".

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