Firefighters (illustrative)
Firefighters (illustrative)Eliran Aharon

Firefighters from the Samaria Regional Station, together with volunteers, are currently working to extinguish a fire, comprised of three separate blazes, which is spreading towards the homes in the Jewish town of Peduel.

Police officers are working to safely evacuate the town's residents.

The three locations are around the town of Peduel. The fire began near Nahal Shilo, and expanded due to the strong winds.

Firefighter officer Avi Ben Sa'adon, commander of the Samaria fire station, said, "Firefighters are battling a fire which began near Nahal Shilo, and due to the strong winds it is spreading towards the town."

"Due to the danger, it was decided to evacuate the first row of homes," he added. "Firefighters are spread out with the goal of halting the flames, and additional forces from neighboring districts are en route to assist."

"This is a difficult and complex area topographically, and the winds are constantly changing. Lower down the river, the fire continues to spread towards the Binyamin Region."

Suspicions are mounting that the fire was set intentionally.