Zvika Mor in the Knesset
Zvika Mor in the KnessetTikva Forum

Zvika Mor, father of hostage Eitan Mor who was kidnapped to Gaza on October 7, on Monday revealed that an admission by a Yesh Atid MK regarding a potential hostage swap.

According to Mor, who is a member of the Tikva Forum for hostages' families, Yesh Atid's MK Meir Cohen has admitted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has never prevented a prisoner swap deal from taking place - despite statements by the media and relatives of hostages.

Cohen's admission came last week, during a meeting with Mor, Mor explained.

"We obviously were amazed," Mor said. "We asked him: 'The media is constantly claiming that the Prime Minister is torpedoing deals, that the Prime Minister does not want to bring the hostages home.'"

"He told me, 'Every time Hamas presents its demands, they are so irrelevant that no leader of Israel, from any side, would be able to agree to them.'"