Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי
Political Islam candidates have won local elections in England in large numbers, simply because they had a majority. These are the consequences of uncontrolled Muslim immigration.
Dark times lie ahead, not just for Great Britain. And this, more than the low numbers of the flaccid Tories who deserved a sound defeat in the general elections, is the most incredible fact.
A Green Party candidate, Mothin Ali, shouted “Allahu Akbar!” after being elected to Leeds City Council, while his supporters waved the Palestinian flag and a silly Green politician clapped her hands.
Incredible, right? But the video is even more so if you look at it from behind. The astonished polling station, the passive police, the newly elected Islamists shouting their slogans of Jihad and submission.
Ali is one of dozens of candidates across the country who "ran for Gaza" and, in doing so, defeated Labor rivals.
As an independent candidate, Akhmed Yakoob secured 20 percent of the votes in Birmingham, which is the second largest British city and already 30 percent Muslim.
Across the country, Labor Party support has plummeted in areas with large Muslim populations.
The Great Mosque of Leeds was once the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart and the rabbi of the University of Leeds ended up under police protection.
Fantastic isn't it, multiculturalism?
Meanwhile in Blackburn…
The city released a video: the authorities have adapted to Islamization with measures to allow female voters wearing the niqab and burqa to vote. In fact, Sharia.
There are more than 40 mosques in Blackburn and a quarter of the population is already Muslim. In some areas, 95 percent of the population are minorities.
“This photo was taken in Brussels,” writes Belgian MP Darya Safai. “The image went viral on social media with Iranians writing 'there are more women wearing the hijab on the streets of Brussels than on the streets of Iran'. They are amazed that in Iran, girls and women are risking their lives to fight this type of discrimination and oppression, burning their veils as a symbol of oppression, while in Europe more and more women cover themselves. Islamization”.
British Islamic scholar Anjem Chaudary meanwhile said: “Democracy will be replaced by Islamic law in the UK, Belgium and France within 15-20 years.”
If in England Islamization has already entered politics, if Belgium is "screwed" and in France sharia is de facto already applied in the streets, in Germany the law now seems incapable of managing the Islamic critical mass.
After the incredible Islamist demonstration in Hamburg, the German "gateway to the world", under the slogan "The Caliphate is the solution", even Olaf Scholz, the chancellor who was mayor of Hamburg, evokes “consequences”.
Anyone with a minimal "grip" on the news can see that we are passing the critical point.
Ramadan lights in Frankfurt, muezzin prayer in Cologne, elimination of Mozart's Idomeneo in Berlin, closure of the only liberal mosque in the country due to threats, self-censorship of journalists critical of Islam, schools where Christmas is not celebrated plus, leaders of Jewish communities who write “I will not live in a country where I have to hide”.
But demographics don't lie. In Germany for every Jew in Germany there are 50 Muslims.
This can be interpreted as an announced cultural suicide.
Yes, but everything is going great, very great indeed.
“The term 'Christian West' is intellectual rubbish,” reassures us the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the large Munich newspaper, while the evangelical Church informs us that “God is queer” and in a generation a third of all Catholic churches will be sold.
Unless we want to hang ourselves from this multicultural maypole, let's go back to Regensburg and the German Pope.
Do you remember it? It was the year 2006 and the intellectual Pope Joseph Ratzinger gave the speech that stunned the West and set the world on fire: "Show me what Muhammad brought that was new, and you will only find evil and inhuman things in it, such as his directive to spread the faith that he preached by means of the sword."
Anjem Chaudary, the Islamic cleric who predicted sharia within 20 years in Europe, said that "Ratzinger must die." The Pope is dead and Chaudary is still among us, working towards the great plan.
The year after Regensburg, Benedict XVI's secretary, Georg Gänswein, told the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung: "The West cannot ignore the attempts at Islamization to which it is subjected."
But it wasn't a matter of ignoring. Because more than the Islamic fury, the Pope's solitude was more impressive, left alone by the various cardinals and intellectuals who were already starting to dig the grave of the West together with those who shout “Allahu Akbar”.