Aid trucks at the Gaza Border
Aid trucks at the Gaza BorderIDF Spokesperson

The Biden Administration is considering imposing sanctions on Israelis who target trucks carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, the Washington Post reported on Sunday citing a senior US official.

Israeli activists have been holding non-violent protests against the transfer of aid to the Hamas-run Gaza Strip since the early days of the war, often passively blocking the path of the trucks.

However, as aid trucks have begun to pass through Judea and Samaria, a handful of activists have taken more extreme measures which at times included destroying the goods on the trucks and harassing the drivers.

In a few instances, the trucks were not even heading to the Gaza Strip but were attacked anyway.

Earlier this month, after a truck carrying aid that was blocked at the Tarqumiyah caught fire, the Deputy Spokesman of the US State Department, Vedant Patel, commented: "It is our strong view that aid cannot and must not be interfered with. We have raised this incident with the government of Israel and we expect them to take appropriate action."

From the report, it is unclear what sort of actions would draw US sanctions, whether they would target only those who use violent means to stop the trucks, or the peaceful protesters as well.