The signs that were defaced
The signs that were defacedCourtesy

Unknown suspects spraypainted swastikas on campaign signs for Jewish Belgian MP Michael Freilich (New Flemish Alliance).

Freilich, who is running for reelection in elections that are due to take place in two weeks, has been subjected to rampant incitement by anti-Israel elements due to his support for the Jewish state.

Ahead of the elections, Freilich called on Jewish communities, Iranian dissidents who live in the country, and supporters of Israel to vote for him.

"Elections are in two weeks, and the incitement is growing, the antisemitism is terrible, it comes from the antisemites on the far left, I submitted a complaint to the police, it doesn't scare me and I will continue my work, and my message is that I will not be scared by them," Freilich stated.

During the 2019 election cycle, Freilich's party became the largest in parliament but did not manage to create a coalition government and therefore remained in the opposition.

The government was formed by the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats led by Alexander De Croo and has criticized Israel several times of late.