Rocket (illustrative)
Rocket (illustrative)Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Rocket fragments hit the Narkis family home in Herzliya on Sunday, causing injury to a caregiver and damage to property.

The owner of the home told Channel 12 News: "We are all in shock, we haven't recovered. After the booms, we waited a few minutes, and suddenly we heard an enormous boom and the entire room became smoky and fragments came in from the ceiling."

She added that in her opinion, what saved her was the Book of the Zohar, which she had decided to place in her room: "Today there was a Book of the Zohar in the caregiver's room, I took it out and put it in my room."

The caregiver was evacuated to Meir Medical center after she was lightly injured while running to a protected space.

Eight rockets were fired in the barrage, which was the first aimed at central Israel in four months. The rockets were fired from Rafah, less than a kilometer away from where IDF forces were operating. Some of them were intercepted.

The barrage activated sirens in Hod Hasharon, Ra'anana, and Herzliya. In Tel Aviv and its environs, residents reported hearing explosions. Hamas took responsibility for the barrage, and said that it fired rockets at Tel Aviv in retaliation for the fighting in Gaza.