illustrationצילום: ISTOCK

A 10-year-old girl was discovered rummaging in the dumpster outside her home. Thin hands making swift movements, she extracted several items from amidst the spoiled food and bursting black bags, until her bag was full. When neighbors questioned her unusual activity, she scampered away, too embarrassed to answer.

It was soon apparent that this young girl was part of a family of 8 siblings in Israel whose story has recently been uncovered. Orphaned from their father and neglected by their mother, the responsibility of the home and children has fallen on the eldest 13-year-old girl. They have fallen to a new low after being forced to collect food from dumpsters to survive.

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After further investigation, the story is darker than originally thought. Their living conditions were reported as “unimaginable, with years worth of dirt in every corner.” The 10-year-old is a tender, soft-hearted child, whose experiences have left her scarred. She wrote in a letter that moved hundreds, “I wish I had a warm house and 2 parents. No one in my whole school lives in a dirty house like we do, with no parents at home, no food.”

Experts have stated that for the safety and well-being of the children, they must be saved. A group of concerned relatives and friends have attempted to help, however, an aunt of the children stated, “An amount beyond our means is needed to save the family. We need funds to give my young nieces and nephews food, clothing, a warm home, and someone to clean and care for the children, taking the weight off Rina’s shoulders.

She implored the public to help, stressing that this may be the children's last chance to be saved. “Please please give what you can - the young children are experiencing immense trauma, and have no one else in the world to rely on.”