A farmer in a greenhouse
A farmer in a greenhouseצילום: Courtesy

The Jewish people are truly incredible. After October 7th, a direct rocket impact from Hamas destroyed the expensive infrastructure of the Yshuot Chalutza farm, and the invaluable Thai workers left the country. 97% of the crops on the farm rotted away for the week that everyone evacuated from the area, but there was no one there to remove the deceased vegetables.

After the first week, hardy, brave men and women from all over the country dropped everything and came to help the farmers. Dentists, opticians, professors, and accountants converged upon our farm every day to remove the ruined vegetables and plant new ones.

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It warmed the hearts of the farmers that the people of the Land hadn’t forgotten about them. Every day, an assortment of teenagers, adults, men, and women, from all across the spectrum of Jews and non-Jews alike labored in the fields, doing work they never dreamed they would do to help the land prosper. Although untrained and somewhat unprepared, they helped the farmers every day without fail.

But now it’s time to harvest the vegetables and there are no more volunteers at the farm. The resilient people of Israel are waiting for the vegetables that will prove to themselves and the world that no matter how much they try to destroy us, we will prevail. Yet, the Yshuot Chalutza farmers have no workers or volunteers to help them

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Summer is arriving along with promise and hope for a better future. But until the farmers at Yshuot Chalutza farm receive enough funds to replace the expensive infrastructure destroyed in the shelling, they urgently need some machinery so they can harvest their vegetables.

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Their new mission now is to raise the funds needed to purchase practical equipment and machinery. Israelis are tough. They’ve seen the worst of humanity time and again, and yet they refuse to ever give up on their beloved homeland. They’ll continue to fight evil and put their hearts and souls into harvesting the land.

The vegetables of the Yshuot Chalutza farm are transported all over the country to proud Israeli supermarkets. The Ministry of Education distributes their vegetables to children nationwide as part of their after-school program. The vegetables of the land are their pride and joy, the proof that the land will continue to flourish despite the forces of evil trying to destroy it.

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