Accident scene
Accident sceneFire and Rescue Service

Automotive journalist Ilan Faibish and his friend Tzachi Manshari are the victims of the fatal accident that occurred today (Saturday) near the Dead Sea.

Faibish was the owner and editor of the 'Turbo' automotive site, which among other things, specialized in the coverage of luxury cars and sports cars. The site was established about 20 years ago and Faibish himself became a well-known figure in the automotive world.

A fatal accident occurred on Road 90 when a Ferrari lost control, overturned, and caught fire. Two people, in their fifties, were killed in the accident and social media showed the car completely engulfed in flames. According to estimates, the car's battery, model GTB296, caught fire after the accident, leading to the severe outcome.

MDA paramedic Sigalit Mizrahi reported: "It was a horrifying accident, we saw a car on fire at the roadside and could not approach. An eyewitness reported that there were two passengers who failed to escape. After extinguishing the fire, we were forced to declare both passengers dead."