A video was published on social media in which an apparent reservist soldier calls for rebellion against the Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and the Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Herzl Halevi.

The IDF announced that the Military Advocate General has ordered the opening of a Military Police investigation, and the Chief of General Staff has ordered an immediate command discussion in all units.

"The behavior documented in the video is a serious violation of IDF commands and values, and is suspected of criminal offenses," the IDF spokesperson said.

In the video, the reservist soldier is seen calling for rebellion from a building in the Gaza Strip: "We, the reservist soldiers, do not intend to hand over the keys to any Palestinian Authority. We do not intend to transfer the keys of Gaza to any Hamas entity, Fatah, or any other Arab entity. Prime Minister, the reservist soldiers are behind you. We will stay here until the end, until the victory," he said.

The soldier speaks while standing in front of graffiti praising the controversial former MK Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was banned from the Knesset for racism against Arabs.

He addressed Minister Gallant and said: "You cannot win a war. Resign - you cannot win the war and command us. I am informing you Mr. Gallant - if we do not go until victory, 100,000 reservist soldiers will stay on the border. We will not move from the fence. We call on the citizens of Israel to come to Gaza and under our protection, we will listen to one leader - not the Defense Minister and not the Chief of General Staff. It is the Prime Minister."

Further, the soldier is heard saying in the video: "Think very well whom you intend to give the keys to. Our brothers were not killed or raped in vain. We want victory, a decisive outcome."

"Those who harmed the people of Israel and our brothers - we want to destroy them, and you, Mr. Gallant, cannot do that. Change your attitude or we will only go with the Prime Minister. If you wanted a military coup - we will show you what a decision and what a victory is, how true Jews win."

The video was also shared by the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Netanyahu, on his Telegram account. Netanyahu's office reported that, "The Prime Minister has repeatedly warned against refusal to serve, and the permissive approach toward it. The Prime Minister is consistent in this position; he completely rejects any display of refusal to serve from any side whatsoever, and expects all official agencies to deal with it uniformly."

Opposition leader Yair Lapid said, "The video calling for rebellion is dangerous, whether real or staged to cause chaos. The fact that Netanyahu's poison machine and megaphones are echoing enthusiastically from videos that call for a civil war and the dismantling of the army is another attempt to escape responsibility for the biggest disaster in the history of the Jewish people since the Holocaust. This madness needs to stop. This government needs to be ousted from our lives before it ruins everything that is dear and holy to this state."

Minister Benny Gantz said, "In the IDF, as the army of the people, there are soldiers from all parts of the society, with a variety of perspectives and beliefs - but there is only one commander: the Chief of General Staff."

"The expression of support for the call for rebellion during the war and in general, like in the video published yesterday - harms Israel's security. I call on the Prime Minister, to condemn clearly and sharply the video of the rebellion and not to hide behind a word laundry. This is what all the leadership in Israel should do."