IDF soldier gives Gazan children water
IDF soldier gives Gazan children waterIDF spokesperson

You and the rest of the world see the poor little children of Gaza in front of our eyes being broadcast live on the media. Never mind the false and inflated figure, some children in Gaza are suffering.

How can children be responsible, you ask? They need to be saved. You don't sleep. You pity them. So do most decent human beings.

The Bible, on the other hand, has rules of war which include men, women and children of the enemy to be annihilated. Abraham didn't try to save the children of Sodom, nor did Saul spare the children of the Amalekites. How is that?

Children in Gaza, you say? Yes, they are born innocent, as are all children. But then you must understand that they are not your children. They are provided an education by their parents and their whole society which directs them from babyhood to grow up to annihilate the Jews of Israel and of the world. Little Mohammed will grow up to be a big Mohammed, a Hamas soldier, supported by his mother and the other women in his life.

After the murders, rapes, burning and mutilations of Israeli adults, children and babies the whole of Gaza celebrated. That included Gaza's children. Gazan children hit and taunted crying young Israeli hostages in a quickly removed video clip.

Are there innocents there? Previously, in a free and democratic election the population, their parents, chose to elect Hamas.

You are not bringing up their children. They are not yours. They are being brought up to hate, to murder and unless other countries take them (and none seem to want them) we have to change our mindset and stop seeing them as poor little children. They are part of Hamas. In their summer camps, they practice killing Jews.

Difficult for you? No one is intentionally harming Gazan children, Israeli soldiers and pilots do not fire if they see children, even when used as Hamas human shields. but look at the thousands of children dying in Sudan. Now. And the photos of dead Jewish children in the Holocaust. Over one million. Did anyone help them?

The Gazans are responsible for their own children. We did not see them protest when Hamas placed launchers in schools and in their homes.

The United Nations has been responsible for funding their warmongering education.

Israel does not target children and warns Gazans to move prior to entering their cities in the war. Those who do not evacuate are responsible for what happens to their children.

You must understand this after how Hamas treated our truly innocent children, little ones brought up on songs of peace and beauty: it is either us or them.