President Biden with senior officials
President Biden with senior officialsOliver Contreras, White House

The US is discussing the possibility of appointing an American representative to serve as a senior civilian advisor to the peacekeeping force that will be established in Gaza the day after the war, Politico reported.

According to the report, secret discussions have recently been held between the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department in Washington on the question of what the powers of the senior official who will be appointed to the Gaza position will be.

The intention is that the American representative will be in contact with the commander of the peacekeeping force and will be largely responsible for the design and management of civilian life in Gaza - but will not be physically present in the Strip.

The report emphasized that the discourse on the subject testifies to the significant role that the Biden Administration plans to play in the Gaza Strip for a long and significant period of time after the end of the war.

The administration is also considering the placement of temporary international security forces in Gaza under American supervision after the fighting. A senior official in the administration said: "We talked about a number of possible scenarios and talked with our partners about how the US can support an international force without actually participating in it."