IDF soldiers
IDF soldiersצילום: Courtesy

The problem with what is happening lately is that Israel is back at being 'reasonable'. All that is needed for her to take another step towards self-annihilation is to consent to an appealing unrealistic theory well written on a piece of paper. That was the case for Oslo and now for 'The Day After' the Gaza war.

The Arabs never wanted peace. They want Israel, period. All of it. To them, the sooner the better. They'll harass you, threaten you. They'll promise you heaven (peace) and give you hell. Whatever it takes they'll do… until they'll get the opportunity to squash you - they hope, once and for all. So they'll keep on succeeding as long as you keep on believing them. They are just waiting.

October 7 proved it. All Arabs around the world gloated. And still do...


Israel's three 'No's!

'No!' to pausing and/or further delaying the Gaza war until all of Hamas is obliterated.

'No!' to a 'Palestinian State. (Never ever. They already have it: Jordan. Let's call a spade a spade.)

'No!' to a Nuclear Iran (Don't rely on Biden to help you on this one. Nor anyone else for that matter. Except of course Trump.)

These are not negotiable!

Neither is Life!

When I was a child, I remember having spontaneously felt sympathy for Godzilla as he was crumbling under the sustained attacks by our armies. "Poor beast!" I thought, it doesn't stand a chance against our powerful modern-day weaponry.

The fight seemed so unequal, disproportionate.

A normal reaction considering my age. What kid wouldn't feel sad for a panicking hunted animal? Don't we all spontaneously feel for the disadvantaged, the underdog even if he sometimes is the cause of our problems… like the victims of the Stockholm syndrome?

But hadn't Godzilla provoked us by attacking our cities whose terrorized inhabitants fled in all directions? Who, in his right mind, would want to cohabit with such a monster? Was it not it vs. us?

As aberrant as it may sound, many 'adults' today fall into the trap of feeling sorry for bloodthirsty predators, granting them the status of 'victims'. This confers them a 'good conscience'. But God reproves such an attitude and abhors those who show pity for the merciless.

Yes, it is sad to see someone suffer, but if this affliction is the just outcome of his homicidal behavior, it is then vain to shed tears for him. Or should we feel compassion for those who fall into the trap they set for others?

"The wicked falls by his own wickedness." (Proverbs 11.5)

Why feel pity for those who don't show any? Pity is a good thing, but solely when expressed at the right time and towards the right people. Or should we be moved by the moans of inhuman predators?

I remember the reaction of a serial killer who, upon the pronouncement of his death sentence, shrieked "Why me?" Didn’t he himself hear that same cry of despair from the very mouth of his sixty victims? Should we feel sorry for such a monster? Is he not human only in appearance? Isn't such an entity more dangerous to humanity than the worst of animals?

Yes Godzilla a.k.a.'Palestine', the Arab League's puppet, is a victim… the victim of its own doing.

Or should Israelis just quietly stand by while evil forces attempt to destroy their lives and the future of their children? When Jews were slaughtered en masse during WWII, some folks criticized them for not defending themselves. Now that they do, they are being told to stop. Israel should ignore that nonsense and take on her obligation to protect her citizens in spite of her bad reputation generated by shameless media. Better be alive and libeled than dead and praised.

Let's remember that the God of Israel is the God of the Armies (not the god of wimps). Let's not Bidenize. God provided Israelis with a backbone and they use it: they stand up to preserve their inheritance. Wouldn't you do the same if you were in their situation?

It's either Godzilla or Civilization. Hamas or Israel. Take your pick.

Marc 'Edge' Doyon is with Légende Communication, Quebec, Canada, where he is a computer graphic artist specializing in visual communication.