Minister Benny Gantz
Minister Benny Gantzspokesperson

National Unity Party chairman Minister Benny Gantz will submit a proposed resolution to establish a national commission of inquiry, in the midst of the war in Gaza and the threat of a war in the north, to investigate the failures to prevent the Hamas massacre of October 7, 2023.

"Nearly eight months have passed since the greatest disaster in the country's history. We have all seen the difficult video of the kidnapping from Nahal Oz, we have all seen the public debate about whether or not a warning was given to the Prime Minister," Gantz said.

"There is no doubt - the period and the events leading up to October 7, and the continuation of the campaign since then, are a national upheaval from which we must learn lessons. At this time, it is no longer enough for us to take responsibility for what happened - we must take responsibility and act so that this never happens again," he said.

He announced: "The only way to do this is through a national commission of inquiry that should be established as soon as possible. I intend to soon submit a proposal for decision to establish it so that the committee can organize itself in preparation for starting work at a date that will be agreed upon."

"This is the right act for the continued functioning of the state, and it will also help us with the international legal challenges that lie before us," he concluded.