חיילי צה"ל בעזה השבוע
חיילי צה"ל בעזה השבועצילום: דובר צה"ל

While soldiers face challenges and dangers in the line of fire, the families at home struggle with a completely different reality. Women and children who are left behind face the feeling of displacement, severe worry, and constant fear for the family members who are in danger.

When soldiers serve on the line of fire, their wives provide mental and intellectual help, watch with the children, and face the ongoing challenge of managing the home and day-to-day needs, while at the same time dealing with fear and concern for the safety of their loved ones on the line of fire.

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The children, mainly, are in a difficult situation, struggling with the reaction to their parents' absence and dealing with the constant fear for their parents' safety. The constant load of emotions and stress threatens the children's mental and physical health, and in the midst of all this, their mothers have to maneuver alone and hold everything on their poor shoulders.

What appears to be a heroic journey for the soldiers, means a difficult war of existence in the family homes, which face great difficulty over a long period of time. The daily reality is full of constant challenges and unguaranteed security, as women and children continue to face the risks and stress independently.

We owe them gratitude and need to help them in whatever way possible so that at least the financial burden will not oppress them in addition to all the suffering they are experiencing anyway!

With all their tremendous and unforgettable struggles, these women and children, along with the soldiers serving in the line of fire, are an integral part of the country's defense and survival process.

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