Mansour Abbas
Mansour AbbasAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Ra'am party chairman and Knesset member Mansour Abbas issued a clarification on Thursday regarding what he said in an interview Wednesday night on Kan.

In the interview, Abbas said, "Regarding Israel, I have no opinion whether it has committed crimes. Arab states want a solution through reconciliation between peoples. Regarding Hamas, there is no place for those who do not see reconciliation as part of the solution. Those who committed crimes should pay the price, Hamas has committed crimes."

Following the interview, a clarifying statement was issued by his party stating, "What is happening in the Gaza Strip, including the starvation of children and women, prevention of humanitarian aid, and bombing of hospitals and mosques, are considered war crimes that should be punished according to international law. This is our sole position, and anything else does not represent our bodies and institutions."

After the statement, Abbas himself clarified and said, "There are no wars in which crimes against civilians aren't committed and are crime-free. This has happened for 7 months in the Gaza Strip, and it happened in the surrounding settlements on October 7."