Gila Miriam Ghermiza
Gila Miriam Ghermizaצילום: Courtesy

Gila Miriam Ghermiza is a mother of 9 with ALS, whose life is in danger. Lying in a bed surrounded by medical apparatus, her husband Yaakov stood at her side and revealed the current distressing condition of his wife.

“My wife is completely paralyzed; she cannot breathe or eat on her own, as you can see. However, her mind and brain work 100% … and she functioned as a mother for the past 8 years. She couldn’t speak but she could communicate with her eyes.

He then described the dismal state of his finances, due to his wife's illness. “The cost of keeping a ventilated patient at home ranges between 30,000 - 40,000 NIS, around $10,000. I can’t go on like this. It’s been so many years that the family put up with it.”

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At this point in the video, Gila Miriam is visibly moved, her face showing a pained expression. Yaakov then described how they used to transport her by wheelchair, but due to her current medical state and the lack of elevator in their building, it’s no longer possible. Tragically, she hasn’t been outdoors in months.

Yaakov ends with a heartful request for help. Unable to pay for his wife’s care anymore, he’s dependent on the public to keep her alive. “Thanks to your donations we can keep her home, and thanks to you she will continue to be a mother to her children, a grandmother to her grandchildren. Every donation will help save us at home.”

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The family has the support of public figures from around the country. All funds will go towards paying for the breathing machine and installing the badly needed elevator into their home.


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