In an urgent video message, Rabbi Naftali Nussbaum shlita calls upon Jews worldwide to assist Moshe David Ehrlich, an orphan who faces a dire situation:

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Moshe's life has been filled with hardship. After enduring years of poverty and emotional suffering, he lost both of his parents in the span of a few years. Now, Moshe David has literally nothing. He is destitute. He is sick. His face is swollen and it is hard for him to talk. He has severe gum disease, tooth decay, and an intestinal disorder. The treatments costs in the thousands, and he has no way to pay for it.

“The father of all orphans will stand at the side of those who help this orphan,” says Rabbi Nussbaum in his time-sensitive video message.

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“In the merit of this great deed we should see the complete Redemption. Like our sages say: ‘Israel can only be redeemed through charity!’”

Donations are being collected here to help this orphan keep himself alive with some basic degree of dignity as per the rabbi’s request.