Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuGPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday that Israel has no intention of resettling the Gaza Strip after the current war, and that the goal remains ousting Hamas from power.

"I have a very clear plan," Netanyahu said, adding, "The day after Hamas is the day after Hamas. We have to get rid of Hamas. Rafah is the last stronghold that ends the intense part of the fighting. If you mean resettling Gaza, it was never in the cards. Some of my constituents aren't happy but that's my position."

"The reconstruction of Gaza, if possible, would be done by the moderate Arab states and the international community," he continued.

The Prime Minister commented on the negotiations for a hostage release deal, saying that Hamas says they can release the hostages but demanding that Israel leave Gaza and end the war and "I will not agree to that."

Netanyahu also blasted the charges brought by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against himself and his defense minister as "beyond outrageous".

The Prime Minister did not directly refer to ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan by name, but said that "this rogue prosecutor didn't even bother to come [to Israel]. He has put false charges, that are both dangerous and false. He's taking the ICC down the route of the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council."