Foodצילום: Peretz family

When religious Jews travel the world, one of their main concerns is that they find kosher food to eat. So, why is Natan Peretz starving to death?

According to Natan, he traveled to Europe in December of last year to pray at the graves of deceased rabbis. In Amsterdam, he says he ran into an old acquaintance, who offered him money to transport a bag over the border to Moldova. Naively, Natan agreed. When he arrived in Moldova, police revealed to him that the bag had contained illegal substances. He was thrown into prison, where he has suffered for 5 months.

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According to Natan's family, there is no kosher food available at the Moldovan prison, and Natan is suffering from severe malnutrition. Volunteers from the local Jewish community have been bringing him kosher canned food, fruit, and other non-perishables. He has survived off of these, however, he is physically very weak.

The Moldovan courts have ruled that due to his innocence, Natan does not have to remain in jail. They say that instead, for a fee of $120,000, he can return home to his wife and child. Tragically, the Peretz family is far from able to pay this fee. For this reason, only he remains behind bars.

Donations are being collected to bring Natan home and end his suffering.