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Ethiopian citizens who tried to obtain a handgun license encountered responses, supposedly from the National Security Ministry, stating that Ethiopians have different conditions for issuing a license.

An online claim stated, "A 23-year-old Ethiopian soldier, who fought over 150 day and even lost friends in the war, requested a civilian handgun license and asked why his application was delayed and this was the answer he received."

A representative of the Ministry clarified to the citizen wondering why his application for a license was not approved because there is a longer waiting period for Ethiopians, Arabs, Druze, and women.

The Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, responded in a tweet on behalf of the National Security Office: "Over the last day, supposed screenshots attributed to the National Security Ministry regarding the issuing of gun licenses to women or members of the Ethiopian community have been circulating online. These screenshots are fake."

The office noted that "the number appearing is not that of the office but of an agent offering people online a fast-track weapon licensing process in exchange for payment, a commitment that there is no substance behind it. Needless to say, everything claimed there is absolutely fake, with all that implies."

It was further reported that "The National Security Ministry calls on the public not to blindly follow baseless promises to shorten procedures and to avoid unnecessary payments to those trying to capitalize on them. The National Security Ministry will significantly strengthen the workforce handling the many requests and the results are noticeable. It is important to act in the customary and detailed way as outlined on the firearms department's website."