"C-Dome" naval defense system
"C-Dome" naval defense systemDefense Ministry

IDF fighter jets on Monday evening successfully intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that approached Israel from Syria. According to the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, the target did not manage to cross into Israeli territory.

Sirens concerning a hostile aircraft infiltration sounded in open areas in the Golan Heights according to protocol. No injuries were reported.

Moreover, the IDF said, in cooperation between the Israeli Navy and the IAF, a Sa'ar 4.5 class corvette missile ship and fighter jets successfully intercepted two aerial targets that approached Israel from the east.

The targets did not manage to cross into Israeli territory and no alerts were activated according to protocol.

Last week, Israel Air Force fighter jets intercepted two unmanned aircraft that were making their way to Israel from the east, within minutes of each other.

The two UAVs joined many more hostile targets that were intercepted by fighter jets and the Patriot and Iron Dome aerial defense systems.

Since the war began fighter jets have been patrolling the skies and aerial defense systems have been spread out and are constantly ready to defend Israel's skies from 360 degrees.