Yona and  Miriam Chana Bar
Yona and Miriam Chana Barצילום: Bar family

Parents Sara and Yona Bar were in a state of shock and horror at the end of last week, after their baby Miriam Chana lost consciousness while doctors were inserting a port into her heart.

The Bars flew to America a few weeks ago to save their daughter’s life: Miriam Chana is fighting cancer, and has four large tumors on her kidneys. Israeli doctors advised them to fly to New York, where she could receive life-saving treatments at Memorial Sloane Kettering. Treatments seemed to be progressing well until last Thursday, when Miriam Chana suddenly fainted and slipped into an unresponsive state.

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The family breathed a huge sigh of relief and thanked Hashem two days ago, when Miriam Chana miraculously woke up. Video footage shows the sleepy baby girl opening her eyes, and glancing around the room. The Bars are over the moon that their daughter is conscious again.

Today brings another good update in Miriam Chana’s condition: she was able to disconnect from the respirator, and is now receiving oxygen support in a nasal tube - basically breathing on her own!

Their journey, however, is far from over. The treatments and medications needed to keep Miriam Chana are extremely expensive. The Bars are a young couple who live simply. They desperately need help to make it through this.

Donations are being collected to save Miriam Chana, and her parents, during this extremely challenging time. Any and all donations are deeply appreciated.