Professor Eugene Kontorovich
Professor Eugene KontorovichKohelet Policy Forum

Kohelet Policy Forum member and international law expert Prof. Eugene Kontorovich commented on the significance of the ICC's charges against Israeli officials earlier today.

"The significance is that the ICC has become, what it had long been turning into - another politicized international org like the UN or ICRC. Legally, its lacks jurisdiction, and seeking to accuse Israel of war crimes in the war with the lowest civilian casualty rate of any modern urban combat is absurd. It is absurd to accuse Israel of the “crime of starvation” when no one has died of hunger."

"Practically, it does not mean much - though Bibi and Gallant will have to think twice before travelling to some European countries. Diplomatically, it is an attempt to create moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel."

"It is disgusting, but not catastrophic. The ICC is like voodoo, its power depends on how much you believe in it.”