Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv UniversityMoshe Shay/Flash 90

Chairman of the Executive Council of Tel Aviv University Eli Gelman sent a report about Iranian President Raisi's helicopter crashing in a group on the WhatsApp messaging app, and wrote: "It's a shame that Netanyahu wasn't with him too, one accident could solve a lot of problems for us and the world."

When he was asked to delete the message, he added: "With your permission, I will leave this comment. For the amount of damage that Netanyahu is doing to the State of Israel in a process that began 27 years ago and continues to accelerate at an exponential rate, to pray for an accident that would erase this scoundrel from our lives is not at all an exaggeration. Netanyahu carefully planned and executed the destruction of the State of Israel, coldly and deliberately. He can not be forgiven."

A comment on Gelman's behalf to the reports stated: "The remarks were written in a private group, without thought or bad intentions, in a moment of anger, and were erased within a very short time.

"Mr. Gelman is very sorry and expresses deep regret for the words he wrote. Needless to say, they were not said in the framework of his public position."