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After 5 years of dysfunction and neglect, 13-year-old Rina Levy* broke her silence. In a handwritten note to an older friend, Asher Berg, she described her father's death, her mother's shocking reaction, and the dysfunction that ensued.

“Mom is almost always in bed and I'm actually the one who takes care of the little children and the house. I feed them and also dress them, I do laundry, and cook. Sometimes my brother cries or needs something, and I don’t have strength. It's impossible to continue like this, the children don't get everything they need.”

Background details were slowly revealed. The father passed away suddenly 5 years ago, and the mother, unable to cope with the pain, became reclusive. Reportedly, she hardly speaks and ignores her responsibilities to her house and children. Since the oldest was 8, she’s been the sole caregiver for her 7 younger siblings, one of them just a baby.

With no parental income, young Rina put in much effort to secure help from kind neighbors and friends. However, when help runs dry, the children go hungry. It is hard to imagine the physical and emotional neglect that the children have experienced for the past 5 years.

Passionate about the cause, Berg related, “This much is clear: There is no way 8 children can continue like this. Please join me in alleviating the immense poverty and dysfunction in the home by donating to the family fund. Donations will give the children nutritious food, adequate clothing, and a safe and comfortable future.”

Many are shocked that such a story could occur today. By contributing to the fund, readers can ensure these children’s basic needs are met. Tragically, the Levy children have no one else to rely on.