House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) addressed the Israeli Knesset today (Sunday) in a speech condemning the Biden Administration's recent decision to halt certain military aid to Israel over the IDF's operation in Rafah.

Calling herself a "lifelong admirer, supporter, and true friend of Israel and the Jewish people," Stefanik not that "226 days ago, we witnessed the most vicious, brutal attack on Israel and the Jewish people since the Holocaust, a barbaric terrorist attack that claimed more than 1,200 innocent lives. Civilian women, children, and the elderly were ripped from their homes and massacred, raped, beheaded. Jewish families were bound together and burned, babies burned alive."

"We must never forget, and we must never relent," she declared. "We must remind the world every day that there are still over 120 souls held hostage. 226 days of captivity - including Americans - held by Hamas terrorist thugs. Let me be very clear: We will not rest until the hostages are back home."

The Congresswoman stated, "What we are witnessing today is a story of the forces of good versus evil, the forces of civilization against the forces of barbarism."

She contrasted the young Israelis who rose up to defend their people and their homeland since October 7 with the "pro-Hamas apologists on so-called elite campuses across America are in a paroxysm of bloodlust, cosplaying Hamas, calling for Intifada and genocide, with signs saying "Final Solution,'' chanting "Death to Israel" and Death to America."

According to Stefanik, the views expressed at these anti-Israel campus protests "do not reflect the views of the American people. The American people stand firmly behind you."

"America is firmly behind Israel and the Jewish people."

She condemned US President Joe Biden, saying, "The US should help Israel fully and unconditionally, in order to achieve complete victory. There's no excuse for a US president to halt weapons deliveries to our ally!”

Recalling the famous letter the first American President, George Washington, wrote to the Jewish community of Newport, Rhode Island on the importance of religious freedom, Stefanik said, "I will defend George Washington's vision of religious pluralism and freedom. Today, this means crushing antisemitism at home and supplying Israel with what it needs, when it needs it, without conditions, to achieve total victory in the face of evil."