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Let’s get ready to rumble?

This could be the fight of the century, if it goes off as planned…two bouts, June 27, on CNN, and then September 10, on ABC, between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Notice the disparity…Trump, a heavyweight and a true champion for America and Israel, against Biden, a lightweight, a back-stabber, and a chump.

Then notice where this debate is taking place, CNN and ABC…put of the frying pan, into the fire, as the expression goes… both networks Biden territory, home of extreme fanatical Democrats where they mock and hate Trump round the clock without recognizing the folly of their obsession.

Dream on if you think the moderators, shock-troops like hothead sicko Robert De Niro, will be fair and balanced.

Trump ain’t got no shot.

Especially when the fix is in from the entire Establishment who’ve got the politics and the culture going their way.

Trump’s got himself and his MAGA loyalists, but until he deservedly wins back the White House, and there are no late batches of votes from Philadelphia, suspicious as there were 2020, the real power rests with crooked judges and corrupt district attorneys. Trump is at their mercy. Trump is a man alone versus the crooked Elites.

The odds are stacked against him.

So why Trump consented to this debate is a mystery. There will be no audience, and Trump draws strength with crowds, not so Biden, so why did Trump agree to this mismatch?

Why allow adversarial networks, CNN, ABC, to carry…actually confound…his message? Why did he not insist on Fox News?

There, at least, he’d be assured a friendly reception.

Subliminally, why should Trump share the same stage with a snake, a man who blocks the shipment of arms to our most valued ally, Israel?

Biden… a Manchurian Candidate for Hamas, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar…and a puppet for the Arabs of Gaza, and the Arabs of Michigan.

Obviously, Trump thinks he can overcome every hurdle, and usually he can, but he seldom fares well when he slips over to the other America, where leftists nest, like CBS.

There, years ago, Lesley Stahl came prepared with a slew of fake facts, until she had him flustered with mendacity, and that is how they do it when a Republican dares to cross into their clutches. They pepper him with falsehoods. Their objective is not to share ideas, but to destroy, as we had it in “The Kavanaugh Inquisition…the story of America, 2018.”

We wrote: “Kavanaugh was an experiment for the Democrats as to how much cruelty they can get away with before America grew disgusted."

“They lambasted the condemned man with one fake accusation after another in pursuit of prey, not the truth.

“He must be squashed and rubbed into the ground, nose first. Kavanaugh would be their appetizer, Trump their banquet.”

Trump knows this, of course. But for all his powers of persuasion, does he know that except for the New York Post and Fox News, he can never persuade the colossus media?

During and after the debates, they will nitpick every word he says, even his posture, and even his facial expressions.

They do so already during his hush money trial in New York City, so imagine their surveillance of him for a debate that the whole world will be watching.

Biden, however, can do no wrong, because expectations of him are so low. Expect Rachel Maddow and the yentas on the “View” to ignore his flubs and falsehoods. but to kvell whenever, once in a while, Biden says something, anything, that makes any sense, quite by accident.

Trump doesn’t need this. America needs him. Israel needs him. He is already a winner and ahead in the polls. Why punch down?

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