IDF forces in Gaza
IDF forces in GazaIDF spokesperson

IDF troops continue precise operations against terrorist operatives and infrastructure in eastern Rafah.

During one of the encounters with terrorists in the area, IDF troops identified and eliminated an operative armed with an RPG in a compound adjacent to the troops.

Additionally, the troops conducted targeted raids on terror targets and located weapons, explosive devices, missiles, and RPGs. During an additional activity, the troops located and destroyed a launcher inside a military compound in the area.

In coordination with IDF ground troops, an IAF aircraft struck and eliminated a significant Islamic Jihad terrorist operative who was the Head of Logistics of the Rafah Brigade in the Islamic Jihad. He was responsible for preparing the terror organization for operations against IDF ground troops in the area.

In the area of Jabalya, IDF troops engaged and eliminated terrorists in a number of battles. IDF troops also dismantled a loaded rocket launcher, located several terror tunnel shafts, and located weapons and explosive devices in the area.

IDF troops continue operational activities in central Gaza and eliminated a number of terrorists over the past day.

Moreover, IDF troops identified several terrorists who fired RPG missiles at IDF troops and directed an aircraft, which struck the compound from which they operated, eliminating them.

The IAF continues to operate in the Gaza Strip, and struck over 70 terror targets during the past day, including weapons storage facilities, military infrastructure sites, terrorists who posed a threat to IDF troops, and military compounds.