IDF eliminates senior Jamaa Islamiya commander Shurahbil Ali AlsayedIDF Spokesperson's Unit

IAF aircraft on Friday operated in the area of Majdal Anjar in Lebanon to eliminate terrorist Shurahbil Ali Alsayed, a senior commander of the Jamaa Islamiya terrorist organization.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that Shurahbil promoted numerous terror attacks from Lebanon against Israel in the eastern arena recently, as well as in cooperation with Hamas' wing in Lebanon.

“His elimination was carried out to degrade the capabilities of the terrorist organization to promote and carry out terror attacks that he planned recently and meant to execute in the immediate future against that State of Israel along the northern border,” it added.

Earlier on Friday, IDF fighter jets operated in the area of Deir Seryan in Lebanon and struck a launcher used to fire launches toward the area of the Golan Heights earlier in the day.

Moreover, IDF fighter jets struck a Hezbollah military compound and operational infrastructure in the areas of Kfarhamam and Odaisseh in southern Lebanon, said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

Before that, approximately 75 launches were identified crossing from Lebanon into Israeli territory, dozens of which were intercepted.

On Thursday an IAF aircraft, in a targeted strike in the area of Qana, eliminated a terrorist cell on their way to carry out an immediate terror attack on Israeli territory.

Throughout the day, IAF fighter jets struck and destroyed a series of Hezbollah terror targets in Lebanese territory.

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