Wilders in Tel Aviv
Wilders in Tel AvivYoni Kempinski
The drift of European countries away from the failed migrant policies of their Socialist predecessors reached the Netherlands with the election of Geert Wilders as their new leader.
Wilders will lead a coalition of four parties with a clear agenda of sweeping away the disastrous results of an open border that has flooded Holland with a mass migration from the Middle East that has led to lawlessness by the rising minority leaving the silent majority exposed to behavior that they objected to with their votes.
Wilders announced that his country is in an asylum crisis which requires stronger border controls and internal changes.
Holland will opt out of the EU open border asylum system.
It will introduce a tougher approach to terrorism including local street terrorism that will include deporting criminal migrants making life safer for Dutch people.
Wilders announced that he will set his country on a new course based on Hope, Courage and National Pride.
Geert Wilders also intends to move his country's embassy to Jerusalem.