Avi Nachmani
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"Love for a brother, no matter how much you are asked to explain it, is not always able to be explained, it is not always possible to tell others what makes your brother so special and why he will never have a replacement. That is because it is above everything, the love for a brother, simply because he is a brother. Love is all about pointing out the special aspects of his personality, which can shed light on the question of "Why", why do we love our brothers - our people?"

This moving text was spoken by Menachem Kalmanson, the recent winner of the Israel Prize for Heroism, whose brother fell fighting terrorists on the seventh of October and who, in his words this week, moved an entire nation as he spoke from the stage at the ceremony.

Menachem's speech is in addition to the moving speech of journalist Ofra Lax, who lost her son, a Sayeret Matkal commando fighter of the Israel Defense Forces killed at Kibbutz Be'eri, to the moving speech of actor Rabbi Hagai Lober, a bereaved father whose son fell in Gaza, and so many other parents who unwilingly joined the bereaved families of the State of Israel and the IDF. Their words move us, unfortunately, again and again.

Their words, do not leave a single dry eye, enter the heart and hopefully stay in the heart. Everyone's message is one: we are brothers.

We probably won't forget this Memorial Day for the Fallen of Israel's War and Terror Victims and Independence Day this year. What didn't we have during ceremonies: Independence under war, alarms during ceremonies, crashes and interceptions and unfortunately also deaths. For the first time in the country since 1948 the State of Israel celebrates its independence under war conditions.

From the week of national days, we must leave strengthened with messages of unity and reconciliation as requested by these bereaved families. We must draw hope from the values that the bereaved families instill in us such as bravery, strength, stature, pride and a lot of hope and faith in the righteousness of our path. And the main thing is not to be dragged into conflicts and internal wars between us.

Why? Because we are brothers.

Avi Nachmani is a Spokesman of the World Federation of Moroccan Jewry