Stone throwing in Judea and Samaria
Stone throwing in Judea and SamariaReuters

Two terrorists who participated in an attack against an Israeli on the roads of Gush Etzion six months ago were released from custody.

The attack occurred on the Gush Etzion roads where dozens of Arabs attacked a resident who was traveling near the settlement of Ma'ale Amos. The two terrorists who were released, were arrested following the severe attack they carried out, which also included an attempt to steal the resident's weapon.

The incident took place during the first weeks of the war amidst the harvest season. Several Arabs stood by the road and when the resident passed by them, they pelted him with stones. The resident exited his vehicle and fired shots into the air using his weapon. However, suddenly dozens more Arabs emerged who had been hiding among the olive trees and began to violently beat him and attempted to snatch his weapon.

After the event, the IDF arrested two of the main terrorists involved in the attack, and a severe indictment was filed against them. Nevertheless, they were recently released.

In the village of Kisan, the release of the terrorists was celebrated: "Kisan village council sends warm greetings to the brothers Mousa and Sami Ghazal on the occasion of their release from the prison of the occupation. May Allah protect you and grant you happy lives."

The Fatah movement also sent their regards to the two terrorists and published their photos alongside the caption, "Welcome back. Wishing release and relief also to the rest of the heroic prisoners."

The resident who was injured in the head during the attack was taken to Shaare Zedek Hospital, where he then described the traumatic event: "I was driving from Ma'ale Amos towards Tekoa and noticed on the roadside ten Arabs herding a flock of 20 sheep next to the road. This immediately made me suspicious, and indeed, right after I passed them, I was struck by a barrage of stones."

He continued: "I got out of the vehicle and fired into the air to try to drive them away and maybe try to catch one of the terrorists, but after two shots my weapon jammed. Suddenly, 20 Arabs emerged from a nearby olive grove where they had been staying since earlier while pretending to be lookouts, and began attacking me with clubs and stones."

The resident continued and recounted: "I was hit with a stone that wounded my head, but I continued to wrestle them on the ground and keep my weapon so they could not succeed in snatching it," he added, describing the moments of the lynching.

"At the last moment, another resident arrived with a handgun and managed to fend them off, and a few moments later the army also arrived at the spot. I was taken to the hospital and I am currently recovering from the lynching. If that resident hadn’t shown up at the last moment, I wouldn’t be here today," said the resident.