Lag Ba'omer celebration
Lag Ba'omer celebrationDavid Cohen/Flash90

The Knesset will convene Thursday for a special plenary session, with the consent of both the coalition and the opposition, in order to pass in second and third readings the law that will allow the Lag Ba'omer festivities at Meron to be held in a limited format.

On Wednesday night, the National Security Council discussed the law intended to address the security system directive not to hold the festivities due to the war and security situation.

The bill proposes to organize the traditional bonfire event at the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and two additional lighting events subject to permit approval. A maximum of 30 people will participate in each of these three lighting events.

The bill was promoted as a temporary measure and specifically refers to the restricted event planned under the closure order for the Meron complex issued by the Home Front Command chief.

Committee chairman MK Tzvika Fogel, stated, "The police requested a certain number of ushers. With all the official forces, there are between two to four hundred people in the complex ant any time, besides the residents. We are imposing a limitation to prevent the arrival of thousands or tens of thousands to the mountain, hence we are talking about the minimum required."

Jerusalem Minister Meir Porush argued, "We cannot and should not deny the centuries-old tradition of the bonfire, even in a restricted format. It is unreasonable that because of this we can't even hold a lighting for ten people."

Lt. Col. (Res.) Moshe Even Chen, the northern district commander, explained what the military order entails. "From Sunday, a closure order will apply to the Meron complex to prevent people from arriving (except for Meron residents). Inside the complex, 30 people will be allowed to stay at any given time, excluding security forces. Any additional request will be examined through an exemption process by the Home Front Command chief. All this is subject to situational assessment."

MK Fogel replied: "As far as I am concerned, the festivity is a traditional Jewish event and must be held. We are holding an event under different conditions, and we got an example of that today. Hence, all necessary preparations need to be done. It is an event that has only four elements: The central bonfire, two additional fires, and prayer in the cave. That will be the entire event."