A dramatic new video released a few days ago showed the moment Noa Argamani, a 25-year-old Israeli girl, is blindfolded and taken to Gaza. The Daily Mail published it. Hamas took Argamani hostage while she was at the Nova music festival. Photos and videos of the kidnapping became among the best-known images of October 7.

In the new video of her, one of the terrorists can be seen putting a black hood on her head, Noa cries, squeezed between the bodies of two terrorists who are taking her away on a motorcycle, while the others around her insult and mock her.

Noa has been inside a tunnel in Gaza for over 216 days. It is difficult to imagine the rapes, harassment and humiliations she might have suffered. At best she ended up like Agam Goldstein-Almog, a 17-year-old Israeli girl who in Gaza was forced to wear a full veil and a long dress, was forced to always look at the ground, was forced to recite Islamic prayers and the terrorists gave her a name taken from the Koran, “Salsabil”. At worst, Noa ended up like Amit Soussana, raped by her captors in the tunnels.

Meanwhile, the excellent Heather MacDonald points out in the City Journal that the Western squares and campuses are full of women demonstrators. Women everywhere.

Mother Nature will have to wait: their valiant defenders are now busy fixing the Middle East. It's fascinating to see the conversion of mad Western crowds from the cult of climate change to the anti-Israeli religion as a simple leap on the bandwagon, Greta included. They abandon the climate, the trans, the migrants and everything else and move on to Gaza.

The obsession of the upper-middle class might seem a million miles away from the bearded radical who publicly sings the praises of Allah, but they share an instinctive revulsion for Western society. One sees it as a crime against Mother Nature, the other as an affront to Muhammad.

These champions of the fight against patriarchy, heteronormativity, parenthood, bourgeoisie, family, society, capitalism, in a great mixture of poor and ideological readings, have adopted the vocabulary of revolutionaries of the past to cover the void with a pinch of rhetorical cunning and suggest that they are all "victims", wallowing in the lazy complacency that all the so-called "progressive" media promise them, allowing themselves to be admired and admiring only themselves.

“Sinwar, we will not let you die”, they are singing in the streets of Europe, while at Columbia University they say “Hamas, we love you” and people are photographing themselves indicating Sinwar's next targets.

No one demands the surrender and elimination of Sinwar. When and if it happens, it will end like when the UN Human Rights Council condemned the elimination of Sheikh Yassin, founder of Hamas.

Because like the American "generation Z" falling in love with Osama bin Laden, who has become the new idol of a confused generation, Yahiya Sinwar is praised by Western crowds.

Known as the "butcher of Khan Younis", Sinwar murdered twelve Palestinian Arabs with his own hands, because they were accused of "collaborating" with Israel. Micha Koubi, who personally interrogated Sinwar, recalled the confession that shocked him the most. Sinwar said he forced a man to bury his brother alive because he was suspected of working for Israel. “His eyes were full of happiness when he told us this story.”

Sinwar strangled his victims with a keffiyeh, like the one now sported by his fans in Western universities.

Incredible, the left's falling in love with this butcher. They have decreed the destruction of ancient reason (this would have sown terror in times past, today it is welcomed with open arms) and will soon try to make us believe that a sense of justice exists in primates.