Rabbi Dror Tawil
Rabbi Dror TawilSderot Yeshiva

Rabbi Dror Tawil, the Chief Rabbi of Sderot, sent a letter of encouragement to the city's residents in response to residents who are discussing leaving due to the return of rocket fire from Gaza.

"Talk of G-d forbid leaving the city does not add anything but weakness, and even worse it plays into the enemy's hands, since that is exactly what they want, to plant confusion and fear in us, to disrupt our daily lives, to abandon our homes, to stop studies in the educational institutions, that is their victory, and we just can't give them what they want on a silver platter," the rabbi wrote.

Rabbi Tawil emphasized the need for resilience. "We, the residents of Sderot and the area, have a great privilege, we tell our leaders and the all of Israel, that we can uproot the evil, and control our land without fear. Let's remember that our resilience and that of our children comes from the perception of our role and reactions in these times."

At the beginning of the letter, the rabbi emphasized the return of Jews to the Land of Israel and the war against its enemies. "Thank G-d, we were privileged with the grace of G-d to return to the land of our forefathers after many years in exile and to create an independent state in the Land of Israel. No more embarrassment and shame and reliance on the nations of the world. For that we thank G-d.

"Our war with the wicked of the world that surrounds us is from a place of strength, thank G-d, the military hits them with a defeating blow, and as is natural there are constraints, what's more, is that the enemy is led by a murderous religious idea, so stopping its influence will only be when there is determination for a long time, and then a result will be reached."

Mendi Rizel, a Kol Berama Radio broadcaster who lives in the city, wrote on social media: "Notice the crazy figure: Since the state forced the residents of Sderot to return home on March 1st, until now, there have been 55 rockets in 23 different barrages."