Natan Peretz
Natan Peretzצילום: Courtesy

Readers were outraged to learn that Natan Peretz, an Israeli young father of a three-year-old girl, is currently locked up in a Moldovan prison.

Natan’s story started after an old acquaintance paid him to bring a suitcase to Moldova. The suitcase contained illegal substances, a fact the trusting young yeshiva student claims he did not know of.

Natan was arrested at a Moldovan airport, where he has currently been held for five months without a fair trial. According to his family, he is isolated, with limited kosher food, and surrounded by dangerous inmates who enjoy torturing him for being Jewish. Back at home, Peretz's young family is desperate. They've run out of money to pay for legal assistance, and his wife Chava and young daughter are pleading for financial support to afford a lawyer who can fight for Natan's freedom.

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As Jews across the globe rally for Natan’s release, it is unclear what threatens his life more: Being beaten to death, or starvation. Funds are being urgently collected to hire a legal team that can prove Natan’s innocence and bargain for his immediate release. It can only happen if enough readers will open their hearts and donate in enough time for Natan to see his wife and child again.